Samsung delivers a folding smartphone

Workspace Sharebiz: The Samsung technology company based in South Korea has come up with folding smartphones. The company opened a smartphone in the United States in San Francisco in its office. In the next few months his full production was announced. The name "Infiniti Flex Display" was called smartphone based on smart phone. News: BBC, Reuters.
Samsung said the device would fold into a tablet of 7 inches to five inches on opening. When it is folded, a small "cover screen" appears in front of a small separate screen. It can be done with a small cover display in a folded position. New smartphones can be used for multi-tasking devices.
Samsung has been experimenting with the idea of ​​such devices for more than five years. From the very beginning, Samsung will compete with the Huawei Chinese smartphone, which launched the first folding smartphone on the market. But after a few days, Rollley, the emerging company, announced it was leaving the first smartphone market on the market.
You can run three applications on this smartphone. Samsung JUSTIN DENISON official Samsung said that if the device is folded, the jacket can be stored in the pocket. For this reason, he mentioned the contribution of thin displays, which are now more than the previous ones.

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