Shakib Khan is not a candidate for the Awami League

Shakib Khan, a popular actor at the Dhaka Cinema, changed his decision several hours after announcing that the 11th parliamentary election was announced. In the upcoming election, he announced he would buy candidate lists for a candidate for the Awami League, but said at midnight he was not buying nomination papers.

On Saturday afternoon, she published Shakib Khan and his intimate source Shakib's nomination papers in various newspapers. There is a buzzing that they will buy nomination documents from the Gazipur constituency in the Awami League. He also said he would buy nomination papers of the ruling party in the morning.

But at midnight Shakib said he did not take part in the election.

Why change the decision? As for this, he said, "I decided to change my decision not to buy nomination papers with respect to my visitors." For now, I want to act in the movie. You would like to shoot the tallest film from your own place.

Meanwhile, after announcing that Cricket Shakib Al Hasan also buys nominations from the Awami League, he changed the decision after several hours and said he would not vote. protection status

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