Suddenly, Alia, Doctor Doctor! Why?

Lovers of Bitunian cinemas are married today for the wedding of Ranbir-Deepik

But while social media are busy with Deepawali, Viral just got another picture where Ranbir Kapoor does not have Ranbir Kapoor. And Alia Bhatta at Deepky's.

In a film published in published social media, Ranbir Kapoor is about Dr. Alia.

The image taken on the paparazzi camera immediately split into Facebook and Twitter.

The fans were running around. The question arose about why the doctor suddenly came to the doctor?

Looking for answers from Indian media.

It is known that Aliya was injured on Tuesday night during the filming of another Brahmast film.

That's why Ranveer quickly dashed to the doctor and went quickly to the doctor.

Ranbi's obligations to Ali are now well appreciated and discussed in Beatown.

Bollywood celebrities continue to emerge

Meanwhile, he asked Ali for the Golden Rose ceremony on Saturday for a journalist.

On marriage, Alia Bhat said to wait. Still too late.

He laughed and said that everyone must wait. The end has to be a happy ending.

In India's news reports, India today, Ranbir Aliya was recently a five-star hotel.

Most of the time spends time alone or alone.

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