The journalist Shimul Mir Mir receives a bail on appeal

The journalist Shimul Mir Mir receives a bail on appeal

Online reporter The main accused in the case of journalist Abdul Hakim Shimul, the high court suspended bail the mayor of the municipality of Shahjadpur village Sirajganj, Halimul Haque Miru, the appeal department postponed the appeal.

The Appeals Chamber of five judges, led by senior judge Mohammad Iman Ali, on Monday asked for a hearing on the petition filed by his wife, Shimul Nurunnahare Begum, against the verdict of the Supreme Court on Monday.

Abdul Matin Khasru and Ruhul Kuddus Kajal argued for a motion in court. The name of Miru was Yusuf Hossain Humayun and AM Amin Uddin.

Ruhul Kuddus Kajol later told reporters: "The Supreme Court has suspended the bail that was given to the Appeals Department in the next two weeks to file an appeal, which will be on the 26th of November in the Appeals Tribunal, Mayor Mira is not released due to the suspension of the bail."

On 4 November, Judge M Enayetur Rahim and Judge Mr. Mirza rule issued on Mirpur bail. Mostafizur Rahman's bench issued a judgment.

The court adjourned the verdict of the chamber court, journalist Simul's wife, Nurunnahar Begum. The order was made after a hearing by the chamber court, which appeared on Monday on a regular standpoint on the appeal.

On February 2, 2017 BJO President Bijoy Mahmud's shahjadpur government college found Miss Mirpura's Mayor Pinto's hands and feet face to face. When the reporter spread, BCL activists clashed between the two sides when the house surrounded the mayor's house.

Abdul journalist Hakim Shimul, shot dead by shotguns, died after collecting clash news.

In this incident, wife Shimul Nurunnahar Begum filed a lawsuit against 40 people, including Mayor Mira, 18 and 22 non-identified.

The police then filed 38 charges with the accused in court. On 13 June, after the court took note of the shahjadpur, the local government department appealed to Mira as mayor.

Miru was the organizing secretary of Sirajganj Awami League; He was also expelled from the team.

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