The nomination of the BNP Committee began on Sunday

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BNP Ruhr Kabir Rizvi, senior secretary general, told a press briefing in the capital city of Nayapantan in the capital on Friday.

Rizvi said the last day of the assembly and presentation of the BNP nomination form is today. Those who will be nominated for a BNP nomination will be interviewed Sunday with Gulshan's party chairman.

As for the interview, Rizvi said the first will be interviewing candidates for the Rangpur Pancagar candidacy. Then there will be interviews with nominees from the Rajshahi Division. The rest will be later informed.

Asked by members of the Nominating Committee, Rizvi said that members of the BNP Standing Committee would be appointed as a member of the Board of Directors.

BNP nomination forms began to sell on Monday. The group has begun to submit nomination forms since Tuesday.

At a press conference, Rizvi complained that the people of the ruling party were released from the Agargaon Election Assembly. The Electoral Building today became the Awami League office. Some officials in the Electoral Commission run the Awami League.

Rizvi recalls that the election commission will hold another February 5th "one-sided" and "praiseful" elections. The current commission gives the government special choices in elections. Although the government team regularly violates the Code of Conduct, no action is taken. The opposition party has no scope under the law. On the other hand, various government resources are provided.

The head of the BNP said that even after the election plan was announced, the Minister of Deputies participated in various programs, including the opening ceremony. The disorder prevails over the entire eclectic situation. Rather than implementing an electoral code of conduct, anti-government protesters are in many ways.

As for the arrest of leaders and workers, Rizvi said the police arrested Nipuna Roya, a member of the National Executive Committee and the Central Secretary of the Nationalist Jatiyatabadi Chhatra of the Central Committee of Arif Sultan. The previous day, 68 people and workers from different districts were arrested, including a nomination. 38 of them were taken for a five-day bond. Nipun Roy and Arifa Sultan protested the arrest and immediately demanded their unconditional release.

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