The physical condition of ATM Shamsuzzamana has deteriorated

Actor ATM Shamsuzzaman Photo: Collected

The state of the popular actor ATM Shamsuzzaman's life has deteriorated in promoting the life of Aggar Ali Hospital. Doctors are trying to eliminate the complications of medication because their gutkha is being pushed from Wednesday morning. Her younger brother Saleh Zaman informed the doctor of the matter.

When the family offered to take the actor out of the country, the doctors said, "They can take him out of the country for his mental satisfaction." But the treatment here is going to be in treatment.

Saleh Zaman said the prime minister would return home on May 10th. He (our prime minister) is our leader. When we return to the country, we decide with him about his brother. If God lives, then he will save him.

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On April 26, the actor was admitted to Ajagor Ali Hospital as he was ill. Doctors decided to undergo surgery the following day after considering the physical condition of Atm Shamsuzzaman who suffered from complications of digestion. The actor got life support in the ICU from his cabin when his physical conditions worsened to three days of surgery.

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