The return of officers who informed the Prime Minister's office informed the BNP request

Written complaint to the EC

BNP Secretary General Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal filed a complaint Tuesday with the Election Commission. Photo: NTV

The Electoral Commission (EC) has called on the returning officers to briefly call on the Prime Minister to play an important role in the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections.

On Tuesday, Syed Moazz Secretary General Hossain Alal handed over a letter that Secretary-General BNP Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir signed to EC Secretary General Helaluddin Ahmed in the Agargaon Election Building on Tuesday.

The letter states that the Electoral Commission announced Elections Eleven Jatiy Sangsad on November 8, and Deputy Commissary of 64 Districts and a Returning Officer for the Dhaka and Chittagong Division members. After the announcement of the election day, the Electoral Commission on 13 November called for the assassination (Attachment-1) of all returning officers to Dhaka. At the end of the briefing, when the officers leave the office, they are urgently summoned to the Bureau. They went to the office of Prime Minister who received these instructions. Returning officers are informed about various issues in order to play the role of government in the elections.

Also, in our letter, is the question of how these murder officers are commissioned after the vernissage after the election commission on the presidency of the Prime Minister? Such behavior is a major obstacle to fair, acceptable and neutral choices. All signals against equal conditions for all.

The letter said that, without the consent of the election commission, the officer would return from the call to the office of the Prime Minister and, according to the order of the people's representatives, the punishment would be punished. In this situation, he asked to investigate the matter and file a suit against the relevant officials.

After the letter was issued, Moazz Hossain Alal told reporters that there was no such thing as a situation in the elections. Murder officers were called to the Prime Minister's office and held a meeting. If this situation continues, we will be in Girikhat and will be in the mountains.

Election commission chief Helaluddin Ahmed told reporters that the BNP Electoral Commission is under the Electoral Commission so no one was invited to the meeting, they decided. Let's say it to the Cabinet Government and other ministries.

The EC Secretary said that today the Hon. Commission has issued a directive, giving a letter to the government in relation to all questions. It has been decided that such complaints come in the papers so that they will not be carried out in the future.

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