The sadness of not writing poetry flows into my inaccurate prose

  • In a lively discussion, Sheteed Mukhopadhyay

Morsalin Mizan. The reader listened to Shaheeden Mukhopadhyay with great interest in the last day of the festival. Imdadul Haque Milon, another popular singer from Bangladesh, was present on stage with the famous writer of West Bengal. Special sessions took place on Saturday at the Bangla Academy Hall.

Imdadul Haque Milon said at the beginning of a lively discussion: "I was told how long I wanted to talk." In the role of a conductor, he said, "Who is sitting next to me is 83. But if you turn the number back, that's 38 years old, because the writer started writing that sharp blade from scratch, writing so far. The tip of the pen was never colorless, writing never went, how you started, you're moving forward, and the enrichment of Bangla's literature. "

At the time of entering the main discussion, Milon tried to create some sense of humor. Like wizards, he said, "I want to make five pieces of Sachdev Mukhopadhyay." The audience laughed and laughed. The readers are burdened, the discussions will be in five parts. But at first there will be discussions about little children's writings, not many did not think. There are many young boys and girls who claim that in the first part of the discussion childhood literature was brought to Milan. However, the discussion became pleasant. He had the first question, Milon said: "A few days ago, the film was created based on your first teenage novel, Manoj's Strange House, and in one of the writings you mentioned, the poet Nirendranath Chakraborty made you write stories, and we want to hear this story. "Sayeden greeted everyone before he went north. He also played a role. He said, "When I really started, the problem or the crisis I had with writing was that people could not understand my fonts. I do not know what popularity is, I was not the only type I was afraid, maybe the editors would say it would not be make people happy, leave it alone.

But what happened to survive. She said, "My first novel is Ghunpoka. I remember that a famous poet told me that his son told him in his name that he could not read this man. Reading will be bad. So I was very afraid then. Destruction, I write like this! However, so I started. A few days later, he meant only the problems. I wanted to talk about them or feel comfortable writing. At that time the editor of Nirendranath Chakrabarty magazine Ananda Mela One day he came to us. At the time of the trip, he said, write a story for joy. I immediately said I could not do it. The child's world is unknown to me. But he did the force. I have to write. The first name was: to call the thief. After writing this story, it's pretty good. Then he said, another in writing. I do not remember what I wrote. But at the wholesale rate is the spirit. The ghosts have been reduced so that people are afraid of ghosts to be completely shocked. Anyway, she liked it later. He said, writes a novel, writes a novel. Gradually After listening, I headed. What will I write? "

At this stage, he gave an interesting idea of ​​how to write. He said: "You will laugh when you hear your writing system I can not think about the whole story There is no plan on the head What happens from the beginning of the story to the end I have no ideas I think the line One line If you get to then I can write the rest I want to find this line I spend day by day We go here Go there No one is following this kind of scientific failing system "He said," We can visualize the characters without going through the line. interviews with characters Sharing is done It's not too hard to write In this process, I feel like I am writing my scientific unpleasant method. "

From there he left the language discussion. He said, "I mean one thing, that is language, a language thing is a vehicle that can be used in many ways, many people say that the Bengali language is weaker than the English language, I think so, there are so many words in Bengali, there are many words in the countryside, there are outdated words and words that guys small boys talk when they listen carefully, there is a lot to be done, and there was a deliberate shock in their use, I think if you do not think of the bangle language then it will be written, the story will be called, The story will be normal, he said: "After fifty years I wrote a series of stories. My language seemed to fail. I can not use the word exactly. It took me two years to write this story. It was printed. It's not a matter of confusion about the story. I did not find anything that people would not cry. I do not want to write for the reader. I'm writing for myself Writing as long as I'm happy. "The blame on the page of the book will be more lovable. The reader held the position of the author.

Imdadul Haque Milon once again reminded the writer about five divisions. He said it was the first time! When the writer goes back to the story of the spirit, he said, you are the first writer in the Bangla literature that has transformed the spirit into a funny spirit. Everyone was afraid of the previous ghosts. But those spirits have become friends of young people. Some such stories were named Milon. I said that, after that, you're tinkering with these science fiction. When some kind of grandparents took teenage literature, you went out of these series and told their series, strangely. What is the reason?

Again, the audience, He said to Milan that if you say so, I'm afraid of the ghosts personally. So you do not want to make a ghost story. It is very difficult to catch them. He said: "If you are not afraid, we are not honored." Let's go, let's say, "Do not be afraid," he said. write it for fun. "He said many people wrote me a letter that said the spirits of my spirit gave up the story of the spirit.

The context of poetry comes at one stage of discussion. He said, "When I started writing stories, I wrote two incomplete poems, I had a hobby of writing poetry, but it is not, not everybody, I think the sigh of writing can not be written in poetry that somewhat flows into my affectionate prose. "The entire fifth part is complete. The opportunity to hear such a lively discussion about literary man and literature is really low. Many people have to remember.

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