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After beef, Colruyt and OKay resemble new products


Colruyt and OKay resemble a free-choice egg from Boni Selection, says Colruyt Group on Tuesday. Control revealed a slight overshoot of the regulatory standard for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), an organic pollutant harmful to humans. The vendor's eggs were sold between 29 March and 30 April. The respective packaging is marked with the code BE-3674 and the egg can be identified with code 1-BE1138-03.

These products are unlikely to lead to a "direct impact on public health", says Colruyt. However, it is recommended that customers who purchase them not use them and return them to their store where they will be returned.

For more information, customers can call 02 / 345.23.45 or contact their store.

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