Arnaud Dely untouchable in Saint-Georges


The victory of the European champion Duathlon had good leadership

Departure Côtes de Saint-Georges is always beautiful beyond Warfusée Castle, especially under the sun! Shortly, however, for tourism in this very hilly race and always see fit fit the wins. This was again on Sunday with particularly sharp Arnaud Dely. It was almost two minutes to Arnaud Renard, his alluring day.

"I'm still in my fitness peak!"

, admitted the recent European champion Duathlon hopes.
"After my title in Ibiza I had a lot of rest and this race is a little relaxing, the course was good for me and I was able to stabilize from the start of the race, keeping my pace from end to end without turning around In winter I probably look at some cross , but above all, I will prepare my triathlon and duathlon season thoroughly, and in March I will have a meeting, but in May I start serious things, with my world title and my European title, there will probably be some pressure that will be a leverage for further motivation, call it positive pressure! "

Frankly, Arnaud Renard admitted he could not do anything against his opponent.

"When I saw him at the beginning, I knew he would be over the crowd, he was very fit and showed it." I stayed with him, but after just 500 m I dropped. She did it well, I did the whole race myself and looked at my cadence on my watch. The course is not easy with ribs and descent, and many uplifts that always hurt. particularly measured my efforts in relation to Patrick Philippe

(Third, NdlR)
In the fifth kilometer I saw he was returning to me and had to give him gas. I wanted to secure a second place that is not so bad anymore. Congratulations to the congratulators: it was nickel! "

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