Candy screamed at the mouse that was bought in her sauce at Colruyt de Wellin: the Knorr brand reacts!

Candy, 31, from Wellin, has something disgusted. On Monday evening, she claims she rushed to the dead mouse that was present when preparing the carbonara sauce from the Knorr bag she had just prepared (video
). "I felt my hair," explains who he is later relieved of it

Knorr's communications manager says you can not rule out such a problem, but the real probability is really small. He would be able to analyze the packaging and the dead animal to make it clearer. "It's never good for the consumer to find such a kind of experience. He's looking for a solution: it's perfectly normal, we would all do the same."

►► Knorr says he's ready to take a step: here's his full reaction

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