Châtelet: a knife and a twisted look, that's all


And here's Wesley in the correction.

The evening could be banal, if not moody, in this cheerful neighborhood of the lively Chatelet. We drank, laughed, spent some time and exchanged some nonsense. Nothing. Oh, yes, it was unpleasant, even though one of the guests offered a home video that another found a clergyman who could sell. What to throw. Still, Wesley (do not look for logic misty evenings, there is no …) he found himself on the street. He met two young people of his age and the scene was short: it is a matter of looking, the final replica of style "You want my picture?", then Wesley, who allegedly pulled out a knife and asked for a cell phone.

Faced with the eleventh correction, it has a different version that President Jadin had doubts: did we talk about the same set? The only possible prejudice came to sit, the time to say that he was not applying anything, but in the writings we are causing a small neck injuries, which would be caused by a knife that rejects Wesley, who denies it. The prosecutor's office talks about trying to blackmail and forcibly and looking for two years in jail, paused.

In defense, Me Frédéric Laurent described Wesley then: funeral relatives, life marginal, living out of everything and nothing where he lives anywhere, under the alcohol, and then this is a horror story of a video sold … Today Wesley recovered: stabilized, in a pair , with employment in sight, is it necessary to destroy it all, about scratches recorded on victims who do not ask anything? He requested that this statement be suspended.

Judgment 10 December.


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