Eden Hazard, detonator of Belgium – the whole football

Eden Hazard is the true master of this Belgian team. It is up to him to find a mistake in the opposite block, regardless of the opponent. "Yes, but sometimes I want to make a big difference," he smiled. "I have to do something when it's a complicated match," he continues.

"If after 15 minutes 3-0, I let my partners play but otherwise I have to take my responsibility, the players are waiting for something to happen, and in the closed matches they are creative players, I try, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work, it did not work in the first place, but it worked in the second, and we tried to get there. "

Roberto Martinez expected the Icelanders to fall after an hour of play. "The coach told us he was physically immersed in the 1960s, and that's what happened, we'll score goals and we will not get the money."

Thorg is trying to take inspiration from me – Eden HazardShare this quote:

After the awesome opening of Eden, which brought the first goal, Thorgan made a nice number on the left wing before serving Vanaken just before the second goal of Batshuayi. "Thorg has been trying to draw inspiration from my time," laughs the big brother. "He did it well." Micha was in the condition of a fox from the surface to the end, "I'm very happy for Thorough, for me, but especially for the band."

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