electrical power was interrupted in the hospital

This is an incident on the Elia high-voltage distribution station that caused a major failure in the Sart-Tilman network. By 3:00 pm, electricity had returned to almost the entire site. At 15:20 everything was restored.

This Tuesday at 1:05 pm There was a major power failure at Sart Tilman.
"He says the Liège University Hospital."
Electricity ran through the hospital. The batteries were taken directly into the operating theaters and medical services, and the interventions could continue without obstacles. The generator took over after a few seconds. It is a 32-cylinder marine engine with V-drive (Manufacturing Cockerill). The diesel engine delivers electricity that meets half of the hospital's needs. Vital services are insured and medical activity continues. The medical administration constantly evaluates the situation before restarting the planned operations. The generator can overcome the absence of the network under these conditions and for an unlimited period of time.

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