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failure, due to server problem, is resorbed!

Around 17:00 GMT, 24 hours after the first news, Facebook said he had identified a technical problem and that the disorder was being resorbed.

"Yesterday, to change the server configuration, many people had trouble accessing our applications and services. Now we have solved the problem and our systems are recovering. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience " wrote Facebook on Twitter.

"We're back!" tweeted for his part of the official Instagram account, one of the platforms operated by the tech giant, on Twitter, Wednesday at 21:41 California time (05h41 GMT).

According to the Downdetector website, all Facebook platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger) appeared around 5:00 pm GMT on Wednesday before they start up six hours later.

On the "Facebook for developers" page, which is dedicated to those who develop applications that communicate with its services, the group said the breakdown was announced at 10:30 pm in California (5:30 pm GMT) on Wednesday.

At the same time, the social network tweeted "aware" of the fact that "some users" had "problems" and promised to address "as fast as possible".

Downtime has affected Facebook services in different ways around the world.

On the opening of Wall Street Thursday, the title of the US giant fell by 2.5% before the recovery. By 1700 GMT, it was 1.64%.

"Real Life"

The incident has triggered many user feedback on "real life".

"Do you see it as the end of the world when you don't have access to Facebook? They have a real life, not a digital life, wrote "Johanna" on the Downdetector website.

"I predict + baby boom + in nine months! You remember the day Facebook planted and forced people to be aware of the people around them? "Another commentary, Palmina Allesandro.

Onface appeared publications #facebookdown or #instagramdown, with a half-crying, half-ironic tone. "I put the phone down. I went to take the air and … it's suck INSTA to return quickly to real life sucks"He reminded one." "I'm completely lost. Let someone explain how to communicate with people in real life he pretended to moan another.

The failure caused people to be happy with the social network: Twitter, but also the Russian Telegram encrypted telegram, which, according to its founder, Pavel Durov, would have received three million users in the last 24 hours.

For a group founded by Mark Zuckerberg, this failure could still be the greatest. According to Facebook, it does not come from a denial-of-service attack (DDOS) that involves platform-targeting connection services to 2.3 billion users.

The incident comes in a context that is already difficult for the giant, under the punishment of a criminal investigation launched by New York prosecutors, around his sharing of personal data with other technology groups. evening.

The New York Grand Jury, according to the newspaper, has officially called for "at least two major smartphone manufacturers" to provide information on the subject, which would affect hundreds of millions of users.

Facebook shares or shared a lot of personal information with external technology companies, including smart phone manufacturers, to integrate their services with their operating systems, applications or websites. It does so through "partnerships" signed with these groups. Many of them are no longer active by Facebook.

Contacted by AFP, Facebook said "it was known that federal investigations, including the Ministry of Justice" were underway, and that "it always" works with investigators.

The group has been under constant criticism from the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal a year ago. Elected officials, regulators and investigators around the world are examining whether Facebook has somehow hidden the details of their data sharing practices.

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