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Far Cry New Dawn – PlayStation 4

Back to the front.

Thinking that Far Cry 5 is less than a year old may be a shocking revelation, especially since Far Cry New Dawn is here and it's a whole new experience of Far Cry in itself. Although not an extension, it is a smaller, shorter game that focuses on the programmed campaign. Far Cry New Dawn is all you can expect from the Far Cry recipe. There is a great world of open prey and explore, a vast array of amazing firearms to produce, lots of side activities to keep you busy and of course all the blasts that brighten the screen. Far Cry New Dawn also brings new mechanics that add new gaming features. Some of them don't work as well as expected, but they were enough to make the game stand out last year. The new RPG system allows you to fight higher-level enemies that are more difficult to kill, especially if you don't have better equipment to fight them and the ability to get every base and restore it. "Increasing the difficulty and victory of ethanol and rare clothing is a great way to allow players to continue grinding these bases after the game is over."

Far Cry New Dawn begins seventeen years after the end of the world, which appeared in Far Cry 5. The company is gone. Instead, small groups of people took refuge together to try to create a sanctuary. You play the role of a survivor sent to a place called Prosperity that will help them grow and evolve. A group of deadly insurgents known as Ravagers, led by mad twins, Lou and Mickey, who catch your train and things go wrong. After a somewhat epic introduction, you will discover a New Dawn look at Hope County, casting remarkable characters and a beautiful open world to explore. The goal of the game is to create a safe haven by helping Survivors through the map, bringing them back to their original camp, upgrading their equipment and removing Ravagers once and for all. Far Cry is known for its strong antagonists, and Mickey and Lou now cast this role. We would like their stories to be a little more complicated, but they are two crazy girls enjoying the end of the world, leading a reckless group of roadblocks and killing people. After Joseph Seed, it may be difficult to track their presence and although Ubisoft tried to portray these two as tough guys, their characters are not deep enough to care for the player.

Hope Earth unrecognizable or almost.

Hope county lands moved, lakes formed, and mountains were created due to damage from nuclear fallout. This means that the overall map is very different. Of course you will encounter unforgettable sights, but it is hard to pinpoint where you stand in relation to the Far Cry position, which is the "Super Bloom" age, which means that most of the land and its sights are now covered by beautiful vegetation. The animals also mutated slightly with large horns, bears have a skin-like stone, and bison is more deadly than ever with massive stone skulls that will make you go. The same applies to places because they are very different today, but still to some extent recognizable. Pests grabbed landmarks across the map and turned them into their own base to get the rarest resource on earth, ethanol. There is no currency in the game, instead you will have control over these bases, you will restore them, you will race to get back from heaven, and everything you collect, find a store, produce weapons and items and improve prosperity.

This new economy is leading the player, but not as flexible as expected. Resources are abundant, which is good and bad. In a way, it allows you to focus on the world, on the game and on the story, but otherwise it completely deprives the aspect of survival of the window. This means that the things you can do are fantastic and their faulty character adds realism to the reality. Finally, most because some items are extremely exaggerated and do not fit into the theme or game settings at all. Flamingos Unicorn. These weapons are then added to a battle that is better known than ever. Jump, slide, shoot down enemies from above, and of course, stealth are at a meeting. With the new ranking system, you need to have unlocked skills at a higher level to drop level 3 and elite enemies quietly, but this means that once you have a double shotgun, it doesn't make any difference. cannon equipped, you can go to enemies and die fast enough.

The concept that is developing.

The biggest problem with the game is how it changes so radically difficult. Initially, you fight and take all the challenges as seriously as possible, but soon after releasing decent weapons, whether in the game or in the Ubisoft club, things get too easy. We would like Fary Cry to improve her challenge throughout her experience and not just for her first act. Even clandestine enemies become too easy, and attacks on the highest-ranking bases only require an arc that turns off all remote alarms. By utilizing this weakness, you can easily restore impressive equipment. The course of the characters depends on the level and status of the deeper and unlocking and upgrading of Survivors gives you access to new skills, new weapons and techniques. Again, you can attack the base at the highest level and unlock everything halfway through the adventure. This means a progressive system is a very useful feature that lets you continue working and try to save all survivors and unlock all the benefits.

One of the best features of the game is undoubtedly the new Expedition mode. During the game, as you improve this section of Prosperity, you will have access to other Expeditions. These missions take place outside Hope County and take you to beautiful little maps across the United States. The core slope has also influenced them, so the look and feel are well suited to the whole game, where you and your partner have to go to the map, avoid all or kill everything. Find your backpack and get to the mining site while surviving the onslaught of enemies. A GPS beep sounds after 30 seconds of loading the bag. All enemies are beginning to move towards you as you try to reach the mining point and survive when the helicopter arrives. These missions made a big difference from the usual exploration of Hope's hopes and all offered a unique place to visit, all with unique approaches and combat opportunities. Probably the brightest one is on board the H.M.S. MacCoubrey, who gets you into a giant ship, take your bag and leave it wide on the motorcycle. It was fun and reward because all the spoils you get from these missions are used to make the most powerful device available.

Everything changes to Far Cry New Dawn after a point where you get special skills called Eden with Touch. With these powers, you can make a double jump, shoot down enemies and heal yourself and even degenerate into rage to hit everyone. These expedition missions and bases then become a little easier, but your approach is changing, which also distributes experience. An average meeting with Far Cry New Dawn takes you to well-known places where you can find treasure, kill a group of rebels, hire new allies (mercenaries or animals), collect ethanol and improve your base. It's a cycle that works and never gets bored because the world has enough to keep you busy and distracted. Add to this a collaborative mode and you have one of the best ways to spend time.

Realization that progresses?

Although still running on version 2.0 of the Dunia graphics engine (used by Far Cry 3), this new episode offers a very successful technical success. The depth of field is elegantly drawn, the day / night cycles are well managed and the weather conditions are very trustworthy. The extent of the playing area and its relative liveliness respect. The animation remains quite fluid on the consoles, despite some remarkable slowdowns, and the artificial intelligence remains in the Far Cry 5 line. they got to your gun. If any interface problems occur (especially for inventory management), Far Cry New Dawn remains very arcade and can be controlled in seconds. PS4 requires, of course, it is possible to play PS Vita through the Remote Play function and everything remains very enjoyable. On the PS4 Pro platform we have a 1620p resolution (versus 1080p on the base model).

The game takes about twenty-five hours while doing the main quests, knowing that the two ends are possible again (good and bad). There is also the ability to come back and complete all the bases on the highest difficulty of this craft and complete a great expedition to various issues as well. These activities are fun and rewarding, so there is a reason to return. Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to Far Cry New Dawn is the rating system. It could have been something really big that offered new challenges and new layers of play, but in the end it seemed because it's just not big enough to ask you any attention, When you first see that the elite guard is intimidating, but once you you realize that you can kill him with a home rifle or dynamite, things get worse. But magic lies in the open world and game activities, and we all know that Ubisoft stands out in this area. The ultimate soundtrack, soundtrack is very good, with well-chosen music, very good dubbing and immersive sound effects.


Far Cry New Dawn offers an explosive vision of Apocalypse with unforgettable characters, great action and a decent amount of unique activities that keep life alive and well. If Far Cry New Dawn does not unequivocally revolutionize the series, it will take back the solid foundations of its predecessors and that should be sufficient for all followers of this kind. The progressivity system has been updated, the multiplayer aspect has not been forgotten, allowing live collaboration while technical realization of considerable progress (especially on the color side).

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