Florida Sunday 18 November 2018 9:10 – Television Programs

Dramatic comedy

Forbidden for less than 10 years.
Duration: 110 mil.
Year of realization: 2015 (France)

WITH: Philippe Duclos (Dr. Farkoa), Colin Béal (Juliette), Clément Métayer (Robin), Anamaria Marinca (Ivona), Edith Le Merdy, Laurent Lucas (Thomas), Sandrine Kiberlain (Carole), Jean Rochefort Lherminier.

Our opinion: Last role of Jean Rochefort, equals himself and compensates for the small weaknesses of this comic impression of sensitivity.

If you missed the start:
The large industrial paper, on the verge of senility, "forgot" the death of his daughter and leads the hard life to her eldest who took over the reins of his company.

Summary: At the age of 80, Claude Lherminier leads his housekeeper hard. He gives him the orange juice of Florida, because his daughter Alice lives there. But he died ten years ago. Carole, the oldest daughter, does not want to remind the drama of a father who has all the signs of Alzheimer's disease …

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