Football leaps: On PSG, players get between 33,000 and 375,000 euros to greet fans

COn Thursday evening, the program "
Special envoy
France 2 sent a report on football leaps, which was named after a series of revelations by the EIC (consortium of European journalists) and its partners, including the "
On secret practices in the world of football.

In this release we learn that PSG players receive financial bonuses for various reasons.

As far as wages are concerned, Brazilian Neymar earns 30 million euros a year after tax. For French Mbappé it is 1,468,122 euros a month, with no bonuses. Uruguayan striker Cavani 1,180,820 euros per month.

Secret clauses

These figures are already very high, according to journalists there are secret clauses Special envoyEvery gesture, every detail of player life is funded. For example, Neymar has an obligation to respond to interviews with the Al Jazeera group, which is the property of Qatar (Editor's Note: Qatar Sports Investments is the owner of PSG). Cavani is deprived of certain bonuses if he is late for more than 15 minutes to more than 5% of the training. Mbappé has a cat of 30,000 and can use it as he wishes. For example, pay for housing, drivers, etc.

The question of French surveys also reveals on this issue that there is a common clause for all players who are disciplined by money. We're talking about it monthly ethical premiumsIn particular, it is the duty to greet and thank supporters before and after each match. According to the Special Envoy, the amount varies according to the players. From 33,000 euros to 375,000 net per month for Neymar.

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