Handball: Visé Femina qualified for the final of the 1/8 final of the Challenge Cup

Regional sport

Visé Femina qualified for the eighth Challenge Cup, which will take place in February. The winner in the first leg won 26-22 on his return to Holland Island. Both matches took place in Visa.

As it was so many victories on Saturday, it was easy on Sunday because Visé led 17-4 at half time.

Mutambay did score a stop and Femina played very quickly against, with Clermont very effective. In addition, Nigerian Ohaekwe practically did not play.

After a break, Edo Delic set up his team hopes that, apart from Radermecker, measured the way to travel.

FEMINA SCARED: Mutambay (38), Martin (22), Leonaers 2, Jolly 1, Peric 2, Clermont 10, Masrouki 2, Boons 2, Radermecker 4, Tilquin, Maes 1, Jaeckel, Brixhe, Matzaris 1 , Delle Vedove, Gysens 1

Intermediates: 4-1; 10-2; 17-4; 22-9; 23-16; 26 to 22.

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