"I think today my brother Mogi very strongly"

Mehdi Bayat has entrusted the RTBF microphone after Charleroi's victory against FC Brugge (2-1) on Saturday. Head Karolo has returned to these three important points that keep the sports car in the race for the PO1. This is still the goal announced by Mehdi Bayat, who shook the players a bit after the match: "I'm angry with my players"declares Charleroi."Because if you see what they offer in the first half (note: where Bruges scored) and the rest of the game (note: where Charleroi dominated and set two goals), I have something to apologize for. Now we have to go on. We show one week after the other that we have a lot of features …"

"I mean the coach who was criticized"Carolo continued."We have forgotten the work that we have done. The core of Charleroi is good. I think Sporting has the means to get a PO1 seat. "

For several weeks Mehdi Bayat is going through difficult times. His brother Mogi is still being investigated as part of an investigation around the gate. "It's strange, because I'm still a club officer who has to keep pushing the ship"admitted Mehdi Bayat."I'm also a brother who supports better than his whole family can. I think my brother Mogi is very strong tonight. I mean my brother-in-law, my four nephews and my niece. One of my nephews was tonight, and I had a lot of fun when I saw him smile and he was happy. We try to encourage each other, just like any other family that is supportive at times. "

"I am also a Belgian football manager, league manager, federation manager"Carolo said.And I use the moment when you show me that everything is not so bad. It makes sense that all Belgian football is guilty, which is not true. One feels that one is working poorly, which is not true. The Federation has made tremendous progress. We are, I recall the 8th place in the UEFA ranking. The countries ahead are big countries with economic power. We are the first nation in the FIFA rankings. All this tells me that we still do bad things in Belgium. We should also balance it. "

"We should not wait for something to happen"Mehdi Bayat finished."We work hard. I voluntarily worked on a federal level, with the League and others. We are trying to make reforms every day. Licensing Commission in Belgium is doing extraordinary work. provided support for the implementation of UEFA financial fair play. Such a thing must also be said."

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