In addition to the Brussels Stock Exchange, "MedTech"

The Swiss family Sequana Medical has developed a pump that can be implanted in the body to treat liver-related diseases.

Sequana Medical, a healthcare company that is involved in the development of solutions for various illnesses, announced this morning its intention to launch IPO on the Euronext stock exchange in Brussels,

If the transaction takes place, it will join in the biotechnology space already well-developed on our market, and especially the sub-segment "MedTechs" it already contains Curetis

and Biocartis

These two companies have developed mini-laboratories to diagnose certain diseases from different cartridges. IBA

may also fall into this category.


Swiss origin, but installed in GhentSequana Medical is already in a commercial phase in seven European countries. She developed a pump, alfapump which received the CE mark for refractory ascites of the liver and malignant ascites. Ascites is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.

Using this implanted pump, the system collects ascites and transmits them to the bladder where they are naturally eliminated by urination. The pump can be installed in an hour under local or total anesthesia, explains Sequana, who informs 650 seats have already been completed. Since April 2018, the alfapump has been included in the guidelines of the European Association for the Study of Decompensated Cirrhosis.

There are only 3.9 million adults in the United States chronic liver diseaseIn recent years, NASH has experienced severe liver disease associated with obesity, particularly in the US.

In addition, MedTech has also developed therapy for "direct sodium removal, DSR" for the treatment of volume overload Heart FailureExpects to launch the first human study by the end of this year. "The US suffers from a shortage of about 6.5 million adults and is expected to increase to 8 million." says the company.

Ablynx graduate aboard

Sequana at this stage does not provide any information about the amount it hopes to raise, nor about the number of shares offered, their price, the calendar … According to the end, Ian Crosbie, said the Director General of Biotechnology What will be spent?, "The IPO will provide funding for a key US study on liver ascites alfapump, commercial deployment in Europe, first studies on the treatment of DSR and other clinical trials in Europe. "

After the IPO, organized by KBC Securities, Kempen & Co and Mirabaud, Sequana Medicalexpand its board of directors, Pierre Chauvineau will be appointed by the President and Wim Ottevaere will sit as a non-executive director. The latter was Chief Financial Officer of Ablynx at the time of his purchase by Sanofi for EUR 3.9 billion.

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