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Lack of sex can have terrible consequences for your health! Ins

Sex is not just a pleasure, but also a very good elixir to stay healthy!

We won't lie. Above all, sex is a matter of pleasure. Suffice to say that if someone explains that we will not love in 2030, we can be afraid! Even more when you realize it's also a health issue …

Sex is good for you

Whether it's the golden sex ratio needed to be happy, or the so-called miraculous effects of sperm, there's a lot of interest in what sex can bring us.

But what happens when we don't have sex often? First, it's decreased libido who is the first strike in case of lack of sex. It can start a vicious circle! Depressive symptoms then they may appear, associated with deep malaise. Not to mention the consequences for the couple's life!

But we are also talking about negative physical effects. Women can thus be victims dyspareuniaThis causes pain during intercourse, irritability and anxiety. In short, many things to avoid.

On the other hand, sex regularly allows you to produce hormones that play a role in positive role in cardiovascular diseasesIf you want to go on a diet, calories burned are not negligible. It's up to you!

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