les ventes de substituts pour arrà © ter de fumer explosion en France depuis septembre

Le remboursement par social security de substitutes nicotiniques explique en grande partie la forte hausse de ces ventes.

Les ventes de substitutes nicotiniques pour arrêter de fumer explosent en France. Plus 300,000 Français en chèque mois depuis septembre dernier, révèle franceinfo jeudi 29 november, alors que s'achève l'opération "Mois sans tabac".

"It is a record, that it has a certain number of persons who are the beneficiaries of a traitément d'aide à l'arrêt", indique Aurélie Lermennier-Jeannet, of the Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addictions.

They also have patches, gemmes, and pastilles, and they have a stronger body of care, and they have the right to replace them with a substitute for social security benefits for people in the arts.

Jusqu'alors, les fumeurs used 150 euros of reimbursement as a substitute for nicotiniques. They have been deprived of them in the past, and have not been paid for by the pharmacy. Considering the legal framework of the financial sector, + 66% of the annual report. A minimum of 40% of the patches or mosquitoes are added to the Scu and 100% of the substitutes for the first few months.

It has 10 cigarettes of cigarettes and has been rebuffed to the Social Security Substitutes Fund, which has been sponsored by France at the premiere of generations of non-females in 15 years.

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