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Michel Cymes warns you about the risks of tanning booths

They pay attention to all those who intend to take a beautiful tan in summer and use the cabs to do so, it can be dangerous, The National Health Security Agency (ANSES) has recommended a few months ago, as soon as possible disable the tanning cabins,

And for good reasons, UV-powered cabins represent a carcinogenic risk. ANSES gives data and according to it, these cabins are responsible for 382 melanoma annually, one of the most aggressive tumors everAt the age of 5, the survival rate is only 20%. For comparison to breast or prostate cancer, it's about 80%,

In addition, ANSES is not alone in worrying about the risks of artificial tanning cabins. Already in 2009, the World Health Organization was ranked as UV Level 1 Carcinogensthat is, UV is on the same level as asbestos or tobacco.

2 devices out of 3 do not comply

Obviously, the more sessions you have, the more you will be in danger, but you will not have to do 25 sessions. The ANSES report stresses that the use of tanning booths only once increases the risk of skin melanoma by 59%So you have to think twice before you think you can prepare your skin in the sun with these cabins.

It should also be noted that the institutes operating these tanning booths are subject to special regulations, in particular with regard to UV doses and that French law prohibits access to minors, In 2016, some inspections carried out anti-fraud operations by visiting more than 1,000 establishments. As a result, two-thirds of them did not comply with the established regulations. Yes, it was 3 years ago, but since then things have not changed too much,

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