Wednesday , June 26 2019
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new dispute over data collection, Apple is angry

(Belga) Facebook has acknowledged on Wednesday that it has paid users, including young adolescents, to drink their habits on their smartphone while making sure that it has done quite transparently, a revelation that has caused Apple's anger.

The social network has responded to information from the TechCrunch website in the US that it is virtually impossible for volunteers aged 13-35 to pay $ 20 a month, they know exactly what they are exposed to. agrees to participate. Facebook does not deny the existence of this pay-as-you-go program but insists that users who have agreed to participate have done so with full knowledge of the facts. "Less than 5% of people who agreed to participate in this market research program were teenagers," the group said, recalling that the program was explicitly called "Facebook Research App". "Everyone has the written permission of their parents," said a social networking spokesman in a short statement. Apple has responded strongly to this information and said Facebook has "unequivocally breached" its agreements on the use of research applications that are expected to remain in the company. The Apple mark in this process has blocked Facebook's staff from testing "apps" on their iPhone, canceling the electronic certificate of authorization. Apple has also announced that it has suspended the "application" on its mobile devices. However, according to Insider Business Insider pages, this is blocked by other iPhone apps that are used by Facebook staff on a daily basis and allow them to communicate or book each other's locations in the company's shuttle. "We've designed Program + Enterprise Developer + to distribute apps only internally to organizations." Facebook has used its membership (this program) to distribute the data collection application to consumers, which clearly violates their deal with Apple, "the group said in an AFP e-mail.

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