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Purchasing in French supermarkets will be more expensive this Friday

The prices of hundreds of highly profiled foods will increase.

On Friday, the supermarket will raise the prices of hundreds of branded food products, but the decline in private brands is expected: an agricultural defense bet, in the middle of the "yellow vest" layers for purchasing power.

French Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume admitted on Wednesday morning: on February 1 he will raise rates to 4% of consumer food products with brands known as Nutella, Ricard or Coca Cola. Reason? A 10% increase in "loss-loss sales" imposed by the recent Food Law. The government intends to force distributors to sell their calling products at prices at least 10% higher than the prices they have bought and to stop loss-making sales.

Draw purchasing power to small producers

The state hopes that distribution will be better paid to farmers in the agriculture and aquaculture sector, which will suffocate and disappear, regularly paid at their cost. Given that farmers and producers come out annually to ritual price negotiations that take place from October to the end of February, they face huge farming businesses and, above all, a strong central purchasing of distribution.

In supermarkets, a fifth would increase "500 products out of 13,000," while in hypermarkets "it's 800 products out of 20,000," said the French agriculture minister.

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