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Qualcomm would pay Apple $ 1 billion for an exclusive deal

A new revival in this case between two US companies will find that Qualcomm has paid Apple $ 1 billion to acquire exclusive chips production.

According to Reuters, Qualcomm reached agreement with Apple in 2011 to give it $ 1 billion of exclusivity.

Following the statement by Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm at the San Jose Federal Court, we will learn this information. He also stated that it was not anti-competitive. "The risk was in which order the volume should be [de commandes] ? Should we have what we wanted, given the amount of astronomy paid? testified?

This kind of practice is not rare, but the astronomical amount demanded by Apple for this incentive payment is much less common. This is an even more risk-based deal, somewhat risky, which Qualcomm had with Apple because in return no warranty was given on the volume of orders.

This was due to an agreement between the two companies to reduce the technical costs of switching chips for Qualcomm's chips. That's why the manufacturer would try to become Apple's only supplier of chips, Steve Mollenkopf continued with the US. Federal Trade Commission.

Apple's Supply Chain Manager, Tony Blevins, said about Qualcomm's " it would not be attractive to use another chip vendor. Because " The discounts provided were very, very important. "

Meanwhile, several iPhone models are still forbidden to sell Germany and v China, What, add water to the mill related to this case against Qualcomm and Apple, which has been taking over ever since months,

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