questions still unresolved, new working council on Thursday

The list of questions that the employer had to answer was submitted on Monday morning to an extraordinary staff council. According to employee representatives in the Business Council "questions remain unanswered". They decided to ask the management 35 new questions for the next meeting scheduled for Thursday morning, according to trade union sources.

It recalls that the social partners are still in a phase of information according to Renault's restructuring.

On Monday afternoon, the union delegation met with leadership. In particular, the conditions for early retirement were discussed.

The general meeting of employees took place at 4 pm to inform the staff.

At the end of October, the management of the Editions de l'Avenir announced its intention to remove from the total of 280 workers 60 full-time equivalents. She thinks this "Redistribution plan"The aim is to guarantee the future of the newspaper publisher L 'Avenir in connection with the large decline in the sale of print titles.

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