Seraing: return of Déborah Geradon, entry by Alain Onkelinx


Cast is known in Seraing … Surprised in it

The truth of the day is not tomorrow … But in Seraing, PS will be alone … Still, a few hours after the green rejection, we lent the Socialists the idea of ​​joining MR. It will not be … The turn of the question has been made and PS is leaving well and really alone. It will please one of the 20 elected, because the alliance would force PS to give … It will not be anything!

Behind Francis Bekaer behind the Burgundy, we find faces known to start with Alain Decerf, then with Eric Van Braban and finally with Philip Grosjean. The women's duo, composed of Sabina Roberta and Juliet Geldof, is restored …

Who are the other three with the knowledge that Alain Mathot is on the start and Jean-Louis Delmotte, returning from the devil vauvert, was out of the game? Part of Seraing, without surprise, was named Laura Crapanzano, who was supposed to hold CPAS chairmanship. Many see it, but skills are not defined yet … In Ougree it's … Alain Onkelinx, the great winner. The son of Gaston, a former master, enters college.

He will also join his colleague in the Wallon Parliament, Déborah Géradon, who then finds his alderman … Finally, only six months, but he will secure certain duties if accidentally not chosen next May … Exit Andrea Dell 'Olivo, who knew with his score that his hours count …

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