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The first in the history of our monarchy: Prince Laurent placed in the residence of Charles Michel

Prince Laurent sent a letter last week to Prime Minister Charles Michel, in which he claims that the government thawed Libyan funds subject to international sanctions, announced on Wednesday RTBF and Vif Express, who managed to get a copy of the mission.

It is the first time a member of the royal family called the prime minister and his whole government, say two media. The King's Brother believes the Prime Minister must intervene in favor of his former ASBL, the GSDT, to raise the money he invested in Libya in 2008.

Legal battle with the Libyan state

The Prince is at the heart of a legal battle with a Libyan state accused of violating an environmental project contract he wanted to develop. Belgian Justice has twice sworn in to Prince Laurent, but the Libyans are calling on them to avoid paying an amount that now amounts to almost 50 million euros. The letter of 24 January, in fact, concerns the Belgian Government's failure to respond to repeated requests from the Belgian lawyers to help him raise money.

"Again you will not leave me another choice"

In his letter, Brother Philippe explains to Charles Michel that he does not want to "do not suffer patiently" and warns: "Once again, you will leave me no choice but to fully exercise the rights of the parties who are mine and therefore to invite the government and, if necessary, to draw attention to it, to make the same effort to obtain Libyan officials, to execute the judgment of the Court of Appeal in favor of a nonprofit organization in 2014 and report it. "

"The law is the same for all," Charles Michel replied

"The law is the same for all, and they are the courts that apply it"Wednesday, Prime Minister Charles Michel said in response to Prince Laurent's letter of execution.

In this letter, King's brother claims he is a victim of "discrimination," and in particular focuses on Foreign Minister Didier Reynders.

The Prince has been trying in vain for several years to obtain a court order handed down to him by the Court of Appeal in Brussels in 2014 in writings against him against the Libyan state. In particular, he would like to pay to Libyan funds frozen in Belgium as a result of international sanctions, but the Belgian state refuses to accept his request. In 2012, however, Belgium allowed deflation of interest from these funds. The decision that urged him in September last year to order the United Nations.

"With regard to the way Belgium manages frozen funds in my custody, it seems to me that I confirm that my GSDT Association is subject to treatment that deviates completely from the norm, accusing Laurent. The prince therefore asks the government to intervene in the execution of a judgment rendered in his favor and "to make the same effort to bring Libyan officials to the verdict of the court of appeal."

"Implement UN Resolution"

"The Belgian state must implement UN resolutions and directly applicable regulations", the Prime Minister responds before recalling that the lawyers of Kings have been informed of this situation from the end of 2015 until the beginning of 2016. Since then, this situation has not changed. The prime minister quotes the legal opinion of FPS Foreign Affairs, according to which court decisions issued following the freezing of funds in 2011 can not be made from these funds. However, the Prince's decision comes from 2014. As far as the opinions of professors cited by the Prince are concerned, Mr Michel notes that "remain in default (…) providing sufficient legal basis" which allows thawing. Contact was also with the European Commission, which confirms the position of the Belgian government. "This is why the prime minister wants to recall the principle of separation of powers and the rule of law, the law is the same for all, and courts and tribunals are applying the law," he concludes.

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