Two young Belgian children found themselves dead in Spain: their parents were arrested

Two Belgian children, three and a half-year-old boy and his five-month-old sister, were found dead in the Spanish village of Godella in the province of Valencia (eastern Spain). They showed traces of strikes, says El País.

She is a 28-year-old mother who, after interrogating countless irregularities, led a civilian guard on Thursday to the place where both children were buried. The corpses showed traces of strikes, according to El Paísa, who states that one of the bodies was illegally occupied by the family, and another nearby.

The neighbor turned to the police after seeing a young woman stained with blood leaving her home. Finally, he was hidden near the scene, full of scratches.

The mother is considered the chief suspect of the death of her two children while her father was arrested. The Civil Guard is convinced that at least he has helped to hide the facts.

Social services have launched an investigation into the mental health couple, worrying about the unhealthy conditions in which children lived, says ABC.

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