Volvo Trucks provides an autonomous transport solution for Brnny Kalk AS

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GOTHENBURG, Sude, 20 November 2018 / PRNewswire / –

Volvo Trucks has signed a contract with Brnny Kalk AS in Norway lthe first commercial solution for the autonomous transport of limestone from a mine to a nearby harbor.

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The solution of Brnny Kalk AS is to transport the limestone by six autonomous Volvo FH vehicles at a distance of five kilometers between the tunnel between the mine and the crusher. Testing of this solution has been successfully completed and will continue throughout 2018 to ensure full operational capability by the end of 2019.

The agreement tracks recent successful automation projects in the field of mining, cane mining and garbage collection. Nevertheless, this commercial solution for Volvo Trucks is first class. Instead of acquiring separate trucks, Brnny Kalk will purchase a transport solution specifically dedicated to transporting limestone between the two platforms.

This is an important step for us, "said Raymond Langfjord, CEO of the mine." Competition is heavy in the industry, we are constantly striving to increase efficiency and long-term productivity, and we have a clear idea of ​​how to seize new opportunities in technology and digital solutions. and an innovative partner who shares our commitment to sustainable development and security.

Becoming in a sustainable way will significantly increase our competitiveness on the difficult global market.

We are proud to present a standalone solution that will meet the challenges of our customers in terms of safety, reliability and cost effectiveness. " Claes NilssonPresident of Volvo Trucks. The needs of global transport are constantly changing and industry demands new and advanced solutions that will enable them to stay ahead. Our goal is to be a leader in the development of products and services to meet these requirements, "he continues Claes Nilsson,

It is exciting to have reached this stage when we are presenting solutions that are separate, "said Sasko Cuklev, director of Volvo Trucks' independent solutions. By working in a closed area on a predetermined route, we will find out how to make the best use of the solution and customize it specific customer needs, working together to develop new solutions that offer greater flexibility and efficiency as well as higher productivity.

The agreement includes a transaction that allows the customer to purchase the total shipping service and pay per tonne pounds.

Facts and figures: Volvo Trucks first commercially independent solution

  • The agreement concerns a semi-lime limestone self-service solution at Brnny Kalk Velfjord in Norway.
  • Brinks Kalk AS and Volvo Trucks are partners.
  • The Volvo FH autonomous vehicles are powered by a wheel loader driver.
  • This route includes tunnels and outdoors.

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