Tuesday , June 18 2019
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What if your toilet can detect heart failure (and save your life)?

Credits: Rochester Institute Technology – A. Sue Weisler

Forget classic toilets. Future toilets, designed by researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology, will be able to measure and analyze their user's weight, but also blood pressure, blood pressure, and oxygenation rate. These analyzed real-time biometric data can then be analyzed by an algorithm capable of sending alerts to the user's cardiologist in case of failure or abnormal results.

Developed by Nicholas Conn and his team of researchers, the device could soon detect (and thus cure) faster congestive heart failure, characterized by complete or partial heart failure when pumping blood into the organs. Plus more accurate monitoring of the patient's healthIn particular, these interconnected toilets would prevent re-admission to US hospitals. In the case of patient readmission for heart failure, the institutions are indeed severely sanctioned by the government through the Medicare & Medicaid Services Center. According to Nicholas Conn, readmission penalties for 15 patients to the hospital would be nearly $ 500,000, while the previous equipment of these 15 patients with attached toilet seats would not exceed $ 200,000.

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