Wiliam Goldman, Screenwriter "Butch Cassidy and the Kid" and "The Men of the President" is dead

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William Goldman, in March 1977, won the Oscar for his screenplay
William Goldman, in March 1977, won the Oscar for his screenplay "The Men of the President." AP

The record-breaking sale, the original script of William Goldman, a failed writer, was the number one in the US box office in 1969. Triumph Butch Cassidy and Kid closes with the first of his two Oscars and began his film career. Author of scenarios The President's men, from Marathon Man and Princess Bride, but also several books on Hollywood, William Goldman died in cancer in Manhattan on November 16th. He was 87 years old.

William Goldman was the author of one of Hollywood's most frequently repeated phrases. He wrote the recipe for success "Nobody knows anything". The book's title, published in 1983, from which this antiphon is drawn, Adventure in the Screen Store (an adventure in cinematography) reflects the position of this middle-aged intellectual who has preferred his life to live in New York rather than Hollywood, a stranger who, thanks to curious surveys, has become one of the best film industry experts and experts.

Two Oskars

He was born on August 12, 1931 in Highland Park, Illinois. His study of letters at Oberlin University convinces him that he is a wicked writer. He said it guardian that he handed anonymous reports to the editorial board of the literary magazine of the campus he was a member of, and his colleagues were convinced that his texts were not published. Still, he managed to publish several novels. When actor Cliff Robertson suggests writing an adaptation Flowers for Algernon, William Goldman is bound to look for a booklet for scripts in a New York bookstore. This purchase is not enough and this first attempt remains unfinished. But the writer works on several projects, including Private detective (1966) Jack Smight, adaptation harp Ross McDonald, with Paul Newman in the lead role.

Goldman took the agent, a good agent himself. When the scenario inspired by Hole-In-the-Wall adventure led by bank robber Butch Cassidy is completed after years of research, the studio is struggling hard. Fox Richard D. Zanuck is a $ 400,000, unprecedented amount. Interpreted by Paul Newman and Robert Redford, Butch Cassidy and Kid, directed by George Roye Hill, will receive four Oscars, including a screenplay. Red Goldford also writes for William Goldman Four Malfrats (Peter Yates, 1972) and Kermesse des Eagles George Roy Hill, 1975. The following year, the new collaboration between the two men worsened. Goldman was hired by Redford, co-producer of the film, to write an adaptation The President's men, on Watergate reporters Bob Woodward (Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman). Robert Redford later said he was overwritten by director Alan J. Pakula, Goldman's Screenplay, which, however, won the Oscar.

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