A paranoid pilot missing after an airplane crash is localized alive after 4 days

A Parana pilot who was missing after the fall of an agricultural aircraft was found alive in a closed forest region in the North Peixoto de Azevedo, 700 km from Cuiabá in Mato Grosso. Watch the video of the rescue moment.

On Tuesday (6) volunteers, policemen, friends, relatives and local people set up a working group to help find a young man from Paraná. His girlfriend is four months pregnant.

Maicon Semencio Esteves, 27, born May 1 in northern Parana, was found in a cave by the river after 4 days off. He was dehydrated and with small scratches. "He stayed in the cave, he walked all the time and stayed in the cave, so he had water, he did not eat because of the error, but he was all right," said one woman who helped him to save him.

In the pictures provided by the rescue teams, it can be seen that the pilot was given first aid after being found dead, with facial and arm burns. Then Maicon is transported on an improvised stretcher in a pickup.

The pilot left Tocantins with the intention of landing at Alta Floresta in Mato Grosso, but lost his height due to a mechanical collision and dropped. The plane was completely destroyed, but no trace of the missing pilot was found.

Air forces are investigating an accident

In its statement, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) announced that it had begun to investigate an air crash. FAB technicians are already in place to collect data, photographs, parts of the aircraft, and a certificate from the population of the region.

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