After illness in 2017, Arlindo Cruz's son celebrates his father's health – TV Foco

Arlindo and his family are watching the game. (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Last year Arlindo Cruz gave great fear to his family and fans. The singer has suffered a stroke and since then his health has given rise to care and the samba receives all the attention and medical attention he needs.

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Today, he continues his struggle for life and shows progress in his health. Son of singer Arlindinho celebrates the significant progress Samova introduced. He said his father had resumed the retreat of doctors.

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"The doctor canceled the phone, said he would not be able to speak or speak again, and he let her go, my mother refused," No, but she has no chance. "He'll talk again, yes, open his mouth, eat." Then he shake his mouth again and the doctor apologized 20 days ago, "he said.

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"Everything he can do for samba, and I think he has done it for everybody, he is now living for him, enjoying himself, seeing his works being re-recorded and unpublished by other artists, everything he did , he will not die, it will be eternal, and I think he is back now to understand that the world of samba loves him and he is an incredible artist, "he continued.

Arlindo Cruz (Photo: Divulgação)


Singer Arlindo Cruz continues to care for the family after suffering a stroke in 2017. Glory spent nearly a year in the hospital until he was equipped. Today, he continues his struggle for life and shows progress in his health

The fact is that Arlindo Cruz has stayed for so long, his family faced financial difficulties. Anyway, before Arlindo and his wife Babi got to the hospital, they have accumulated a big debt with TV Globe.

According to a lawsuit to which Leo Dias had access, the station broadcast advertisements for the singing company in 2016 totaling R $ 54,900.00. The problem is that the husband owes and could never afford a commitment.

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This process was still talking about an agreement between the two sides and the value was split ten times, but only two installments would be paid. In this way, Arlindo Cruz's accounts were blocked. The family filed a lawsuit based on financial problems because the singer remains incapacitated after a stroke.

Arlindo Cruz and the Children (Photo: Divulgação)
Arlindo Cruz and her children (Photo: Emily Almeida)

Globo, meanwhile, had a stance that can be considered as a man and movement. The reason is that, until the debt negotiations have resumed, the issuer has decided to suspend the process and allow Arlind Cruz to re-release: "We have suspended the process and the accounts have been released," said Carioca for Leo Dias to Jornal Day.


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