Bolsonaro says that the Temer government will have "many things"

Reuters and Agência Brasil – Michel Temer said on Wednesday he had called on elected President Jair Bolsonar to accompany him on his travels abroad by the end of the year, including the G20 summit in Argentina later this month. Temer received Bolsonara in Planalto Palace for a formal act that marked the beginning of transition from the current government to the elected.

After the meeting, Bolsonaro said that "much" leadership by Michel Temer would be preserved without quoting details. He confirmed that "it can not be stolen" from the knowledge of those who have passed the presidency of the republic. Bolsonaro thanked the meeting and said he relied on Temer's experience to help him. "If we need to, we will go back and ask him to meet us because it's a lot going on, and Brazil can not avoid the knowledge of those who have passed the presidency," said Bolsonaro, who interviewed Temer at Planalto Palace.

During the meeting, Temer gave Bolsonar a gift book. It includes a compilation of projects carried out by its government in six axes: Social and Civil, Economic, Infrastructure, Brazil and the World, Security and National Defense, and Regional Events. The publication begins with the phrase "Brazil is now a completely different country from two years and six months ago."

According to Temer, during a meeting in Planalt, the report on government measures over the past two and a half years and what was planned was handed over to Bolsonaro. The president emphasized that the program would be "awarded" by the successor to analyze whether it should be preserved.

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