Brazil loses 3-0 to Argentina and is eliminated from South America by U-17

Brazil did not beat in the final round of the group stage, but the combination of bad results and worse performance still managed to eliminate Seleção still in the first stage of South American U-17 in Lima, Peru. The team that played the other half with one less player lost 3-0 to Argentina and was out of the hexagonal end of the tournament.

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With seven points, the team had the same score of all the other classifieds (Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina). Defeat of three goals equilibrium, already made in the appendices, left Brazil with 1 against 1 Argentinians, 1 from Paraguay and 3 from Uruguay.

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However, the Brazilian World Cup tournament does not start from the start. Seleção secured the classification for the dispute precisely because it is the seat of the tournament, however, defined this year by FIFA. There is no game date or place yet, but it is most likely to be held from October.

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Photo author: Marcos Paulo Rebelo / CBF

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