Brazil may lose another 3.3 thousand doctors who do not have Revalid

In addition to more than 8,300 Cubans leaving the country by the end of the year, Brazil will lose another 3.3 thousand doctors if the president elected by Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) fulfills the promise of requiring re-certification of the degree of all doctors in the program. This is the number of participants called exchange students, ie Brazilian graduates abroad or foreigners of other nationalities who have also been exempted from extending the diploma in the country.

At a press conference on Wednesday, when Cuba announced the departure of more doctors, Bolsonaro said Revalida would be charged to everyone. "From any medical worker working in Brazil we will require proof that they are really qualified, known as Revalida."

On Friday evening 16, the Public Defender of Rights (DPU) filed a civil suit on the federal court in which he asked the federal government to maintain the existing Mais Doctors rules and open the program to foreign nationals of any nationality. According to DPU, the goal is to prevent damage to the population.

However, the elected president did not say whether these experts would be suspended from the program as soon as the new government took office or whether they could continue their work until they passed a test that usually takes place once a year.

The publication in 2018 has already been closed, so professionals interested in the test could submit it until the end of 2019.

The report asked for contact with the advisory bodies of the transitional government and Bolsonar to ask how the prolongation of the diploma of this group would be, but did not receive a return until the issue was published. On this issue, the Department of Health stated that it can not respond to a decision to be taken in the next leadership.

If this group leaves the program, only 4,600 Brazilian physicians will be trained in the country, because in addition to 8,300 Cubans and 3,300 heat exchangers (both without Revalida), another 2,000 Doctors are idle due to lack of interest.


On Friday, the ministry representatives met with members of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the mediator of the Cuba-Brazil cooperation agreement, to define details of the Cuban termination and replacement.

According to the federal component, call announcements of about 8.3 thousand vacancies will be released next week. A new meeting between the two institutions will be held next Monday and sets out the details of the call for proposals. As in previous calls, Brazilians will be preferred, and if the vacancies are not filled, the process will be open to foreigners.

Health Minister Gilberto Occhi said on Friday he will meet a transitional government team next week to discuss actions to get Cubans out and also to propose health measures. One of the suggestions raised by the current management is to call on physicians trained through Student Funding (Fies) to fill vacancies.

According to Occhi, there are 15,000 to 20,000 doctors eligible to participate in the edict and therefore believes that the vacancy will be occupied. Information comes from newspapers State S. Paulo.

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