Bruna Marquezine followed David Brazil and the promoter released the verb against the actress

The weather does not seem to be so good in David Brazil's friendship with Bruna Marquezine. The actress ceased to follow a promoter in social networks and TV Fama released a verb and explained the whole situation that includes the footballer Neymar Jr.

"I'm a fan of Bruno, I'm doing it like all the pictures," David said, taking the opportunity to send a message to the actress, "You just can not block Bruna Marquezine," he said.

Bruno took a comment in which the follower called the promoter "fake". For the plumber program, David was talking about the situation: "I'm so glad, I think, Brune, I'm not a fake," he joked. Backstage notes say that David helped his friend Neymar, formerly Marquezine, to have close contact with other women. David denies it.

BRUNA NEGA, USED $ 2 Million

Actress Bruna Marquezine has decided to refute a profile that has provided false information about Instagram. They told him he was wearing diamond earrings worth R $ 2 million, but insisted it was a lie.

These pieces were used in the GQ Portugal Awards of men in Lisbon last Saturday when she received the "She's a Girl of the Year" award. There was a profile that said: "Bruna Marquezine wears 2 million earrings with diamonds."

When the publication marked her followers, she tried to deny: "Lie, it's not even a jewel." His answer was greatly influenced and received several tannings. The earrings were then published as Alessandra Rich brand and went to R $ 1,700.

It was not cheap, but it also did not reach $ 2 million.

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