Coritiba 1 x 0 Goiás

Verdão de Goiás follows with good chances, but gives a chance to approach competitors

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Curitiba, PR, 09 (AFI) – The Brazilian B Series is not an easy game. Even without access, Coritiba, who only met the table, defeated Goiás 1-0 in the Couto Pereira team in the 36th round and complicated his opponent in the fight for space in the G4.

The home team has reached 49 points and is still without big goals in the competition, because there is no risk of distance or have no chance to return to the first division.

Goias, with 57 points, is third placed and was looking for a win to open a G4 advantage but was surprised. Esmeralda's fans are upset by two teams still playing on Saturday: Avai, the fourth with the same score and two wins (17 to 15) and Londrina with three points down.

The first half was busy and Coritiba, even without big goals in the match, was better. The game was open and both teams were in danger of opposing goal but the home team created the best opportunities.

In the main one, in 30 minutes, the striker Alecsandro almost scored a goal. He got into the area and led goalkeeper Marcos, but the ball escaped and without a corner finished his head and hit the beam.

In the second half, Goias's supremacy finally turned into a goal. 27 minutes into the game, Rafael Lima hit the left hand side of the post and scored for the corner kick.

In the final minutes, Goias tried to answer and look for a draw, but failed to present good football from other bikes. Even with the offensive substitutions supported by coach Ney Franco, with the sinks of Renato Cajá and Rafinha, the visiting team did not show tactical organization to push the opponents.

Coritiba returns to the pitch on Tuesday when facing Ponte Preta at Moisés Lucarelli in Campinas for the 37th round Serie B. Goias only plays Saturday 17th November against the West at Arena Barueri.

Technical Specifications


Couto Pereira – Curitiba (PR)


Jean Pierre Gonçalves Lima (RS)


Leirson Peng Martins (RS) and Lucio Beiersdorf Flor (RS)


Coritiba-PR: Rafael Lima 27 & # 39; 2T


Rafael Martins;
Leandro Silva, Rafael Lima, Alan Costa and Abner (William Matheus);
Vitor Carvalho, Wellington Simiao (Julius Rusch), Matheus Bueno and Chiquinho;
Guilherme Parede (Pablo) and Alecsandro.

Technician: Alger Fucks

Goiás GO

Alex Silva, Victor Ramos, David Duarte and Ernandes;
Gilberto, Giovanni (Renato Cajá) and Felipe Gedoz (Madison);
Maranhão (Rafinha), Lucão and Michael.

Technician: Ney Franco

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