Correction: Tafner: There is no point in approving the reform and trying to do another

The note you posted earlier on Thursday 8 contains a bug. In the fourth paragraph, when economist Paulo Tafner says the Temer government's proposal for social security has been dehydrated by Congress and the fiscal economy for ten years has been reduced, the right value of the reduction is from R $ 800 billion to R $ 480 billion, not from 800 million R to 480 million R, as informed. Following is the corrected text.

Economist Paulo Tafner, one of the authors of the proposal for reforming the social security system, says President Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) will use his resolve to approve a unified reform to change the pension system. It makes no sense, he said during the Insper event to try to approve part of the text currently in Congress, and then try to make further changes.

In assessing Tafner, it would make sense to approve the existing text if the new government judges that it has no chance to move on to social security measures.

"If you can not pass on anything, it is better to approve the reform," he said. "What I did not take well is the thought of making this reform and then doing more. You have to shoot yourself."

The Temer proposal, Tafner notes, has been dehydrated on the road to Congress, and the fiscal economy for 10 years has been reduced from $ 800 billion to $ 480 billion. The proposal, written by him and others, as former Arminio Fraga's central bank president, brings a fiscal savings of R $ 1.3 trillion in 10 years.

Bolsonaro has already said he wants to try to approve at least part of the text that is in Congress.

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