Flax roamed Santos in Maracco

He squeezed his own fans who had publicly attended Maracana – and protested, Flamengo had to have the patience to overcome Santos, on Thursday afternoon (November 15th), in a match for the 34th round of the Brazilian championship. In a tight fight, Rubro-Čern had a bigger ball as usual, but he did not take so much danger to Vanderlei's goal.

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In the second half, in 28 minutes, Diego Ribas made a beautiful pitch, found Berrio in good shape. Colombian, who had a few minutes ago, first touched the middle of the area where he found Henrique Dourado, a poor joker, free to push the bottom of the net: 1 to 0 house owners.

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At the end of the match Santos had a fine in his favor. It was a chance to score the score, but goalkeeper César called for responsibility and took Gabriel Barbosa. After the match, red-black fans drove away and played with the attacker, who was considered in the Uruba Nest, in 2019: "No, Gabigol is Mengão."

With the victory over Ryby, Rubro-Čern reached 63 points and won the second place in the Brasileiro table. However, Inter, with 62 points, will receive América-MG in Beira-Rio, where he is able to re-defend the vice president of the competition. Palmeiras is still on the top with 70.

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