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Google has already chosen a date to end Google+

It's no secret that Google+ will be turned off. The research giant has made this decision after all the problems identified.

There was a harsh idea for the deadline, but Google has now clarified all the points. Google+ ends on April 2, 2019.

Terminate completing the Google+ social Google Network

It was due to the discovery of a serious security breach that a decision was taken that many expected. In this sense, it will end your social network, and will end up with all these problems.

The end of Google+ is already scheduled

Originally scheduled for August this year, Google eventually redesigned for April without providing a specific date. But today, he decided to draw the line and set April 2 at the end of Google+.

On this day, access to this network will be terminated and user data will be deleted. It is therefore essential that these be maintained. This is a simple and quick process.

Changes start before closing this social network

Additional important decisions have been made with this deadline. Starting February 4, you will no longer be able to create new Google+ accounts. This limitation will also be published on profiles, sites, communities, and events.

A few days later, at the beginning of March, owners and moderators of the Google+ community will be able to download and burn from their community. This includes photos, articles, and other information.

In the coming weeks, Google+ verification buttons will be replaced with Google Authentication buttons. Blogger commenting features with your Google+ account will be deleted already on February 4th. The remaining platforms will disappear on March 7th.

Terminate completing the Google+ social Google Network

A social network that has never been outside of Google

The research giant believed Google+ would be its social network and the way for many other users. The truth is, it has never gone wrong and has undergone several changes and several reinvents.

This end is only the end result of what many people have anticipated and actually expected. Google+ is only for businesses, so Google searches for more goals and new ideas.

For all users, the next step is to export data and search for another social network that can provide the same sense of community that Google+ offers.

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