"He drove his mother and sister home and called them thieves"

Ximbinha recorded a video defense of the accusations of singer Joel's aggression. In the pictures, the guitarist says the last words of his ex-wife made him sad and called her a liar and authority. Besides, Ximbinha defends herself, says the singer has driven her own mother out of the farm and her sister, who took care of the children of the couple and accused them of being thieves.

"A lot of news has come up this week." Joelma made several statements that made me very disappointed. I would like to make it clear to you that these allegations, which Joelma has been doing all these years, are hideous and liar. that I tried to throw her out of the building. All these years I was silent to keep my children, I never went to television to talk about this woman. But every opportunity has to go to the media, speak in my name, invent slums, lies, "says Ximbinha.

Later, the guitarist went on to accuse a former wife of driving out her mother and sister:

"You do not know Joel, he's a very authoritative person, he's difficult to cope with, he says I took her out of my family, he did not mean he drove his mother out of the house, Joelmy's farm, and she took her mother away like a thief, saying her mother stole her and took her sister who lived in our house and cared for our children, took her sister as a thief, her brother who was a farm manager took it as a thief, you do not know, right? "

In the entire video from Ximbinha she also says that Joelma would drive one of the daughters of the house when the girl was still a teenager and says the singer would take a stance after "praying with the guru who leads him":

"Her daughter expelled a young woman, a teenager from home, and said her daughter was harming Yasmin, went to killing Yasmin, you know who revealed her, the prayer she had to go with her gurus to go."

Ximbinha and Joelma created the Calypso Band in 2000 and sold more than 22 million albums together. Both ended the musical career of the band during New Year's Eve in Macapa in 2015.

"We ended up with our work without knowing it We got on a TV show, started talking, talking … When I saw her she said the band would end that day I was desperate because it was the only way I was living this band for 16 years, it ended in my own way in an irresponsible way We had a lot of staff and today they are waiting for a reward They do everything they do Everything Every band entrepreneur they've taken for thieves and they are all my friends today , "said the guitarist.

Ximbinha stops the explosion by not leaving her children and fearing to call their father before Joel:

"He still has the courage to say that these are my children who are looking for me." This woman alienated my daughter, she catches me when she's away from her. My daughter is afraid. My daughter calls me when she's from this woman. It's a bad thing that took my daughter out of my children and left my children with strangers. I went with the request to share the bond. The woman is sick, she urgently needs help. He also needs his father, not only her mother. I started my life from the beginning, I spent all my time from the beginning, project on the project, never left my work. Every time I try to get up, she starts with the hideous attempts to hurt me. I'm not better because I do not have my children on my side. "

He claims that singer Joelmy's press office explained that the Marie Claire magazine, a vehicle for which the singer admitted the interview that Ximbinh tells in the video, looked at Joel, "that the matter was about a campaign against domestic violence because the number of women who are killed for murder and suicide, livelihoods have increased a lot. "In an interview," Joelma has shown that it is possible to start again and forgive. " It was not a vengeance at all because it is not her nature, and her mother now lives in the dream of the house that Joelma gave.

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