Helena Chagas: The DEM has three ministers but has not done anything

Diverse – The elected president has just named his third Economic Policy Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta for health without hearing or feeling the DEM itself. Is it the DEM government? Absolutely. Mandetta, next to colleague Bolsonar as a Federal Deputy, supports the parliamentary health front, the Santas Casas Association and other representatives of the industry, as well as Tereza Cristina arrives at the Department of Agriculture with the weapons of a rural group, and Onyx Lorenzoni was taken to a civic hall for friendship with the president.

What about DEM? Perhaps it seems pleasant to have so many of his own in the new government with which he has political and ideological affinity. In the coming days, he is even preparing a meeting of his leadership to discuss official support and form a government. But he does the same for the new president as he does. DEM knows, like most traditional parties, that Bolsonaro is eating like hot mash and that it will have no greater institutional influence on the direction of the government.

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