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"I was paraplegic due to the piercing" Science and Health

At the beginning of July, Layane Dias celebrated an internship she had just finished and planned a family trip the following month. For a young woman at the age of 20, the start of a new phase.

She says she would never realize she was going to go through what she considered to be the most complicated period of her life.

Days before the internship, Layane began experiencing frequent pains throughout the body. In order to have the strength to work, the young woman had to resort to medication. She still weakened, but had to leave the internship.

The medical condition worsened until several weeks later, but the student lost his legs. The situation worsened and the young woman did not feel part of her body. "I did not feel anything else down my chest," says BBC News Brazil.

According to Layane, the neurosurgeon who accompanied her, pointed out that the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus – which can cause crime at different levels when it reaches blood – has entered the body of a young woman with infections in her nose and left her paraplegic.

"The doctor asked me if I had a spine in my nose or something, because this bacterium normally develops in the nasal passages, so I said I had a piercing on my left side last month, and it relates to a young woman.

"When I told him, he told me: Piercing was the entry of bacteria into the body.

One of the first symptoms of infection suffered by Layane Dias was One of the first symptoms of infection suffered by Layane Dias was

One of the first symptoms of infection suffered by Layane Dias was the "red ball" in the nose – Photo: Personal archive (via the BBC)

Layane has always been considered a virgin young woman. In addition to studying for human resources, she also did some work as a photographic model.

It reveals that he always liked the piercing. "I've put it three times on the right side of my nose," he says. In June the student changed the side of the piercing. "It was the first time I put it on my left side of the nose, it was also the first time blood had bleeding during the bleeding."

At the beginning of July, according to Layan, the red ball appeared at the tip of the nose as the spine. "I thought it was just a belly button, but it caused me a fever that I thought was not relevant, and I cared for her with ointment.

Dermatologist Alessandra Romiti points out that complications due to puncture usually occur only in the area of ​​the body where the object is placed. "There are instances such as inflammation or local infection, so it is essential that hygiene standards are followed and the materials used must be sterilized, the piercing must be clean and the skin must be thoroughly disinfected," he says.

"Then the patient must keep the place clean to avoid the risk of contamination," he adds. According to the doctor, serious complications are considered very rare.

On Friday before the start of the student's internship, she went to a party with her friends in Brasilia where she lived. "We danced a lot, it was a really cool night," she says. The next day she woke up with intense backache. "I did not pay much attention to him because I thought it was normal muscle pain because of the previous night."

"I took some medicine but the pain did not escape, it was still intense." The next day, one Sunday, the pain continued, and it was even stronger, and my mother brought me to the pharmacy, where I had a cocktail of injections and the pain disappeared. I was relieved, "he says.

On Monday, an internship began. "I was very excited, but the pain came back at night, I was taking medication and retreated, and the third day the situation was the same, the pain was in her back and neck.

When the pain did not stop, the young woman went to the doctor. "They did an X-ray that did not show anything, the doctor told me there was nothing behind my back, but that was not the pain and the pain."

The student says she went to a health care clinic on Thursday and was evaluated by a doctor. "She picked me up and said the muscles in my back were swollen, she had a massage on me, gave me an injection, and came back home.

The next morning she felt her legs weaken. "I had to bathe with my mother," he says. That day she went to church with her mother. "When I returned, the pain was unbearable, I lay down and slept, and when I woke up in the afternoon, I did not feel my feet."

Late Friday, Layane was humiliated at the hospital. "The doctor asked for blood and urine tests, I could not do my needs, and I had to give a catheter." When the result of the test came out, I emphasized that I had a blood infection. "

"The doctor started to puncture my leg and I really did not feel it. Because it was a serious case, I was transferred to a basic hospital institute in Brasilia," he says.

It reminds us that the pains have intensified. "Doctors could not have an exact diagnosis, they suspected cancer or Guillain-Barre syndrome," he says.

At dawn on Sunday, July 22, he recalled that the pain was unbearable. "I lay on stretchers, I did not move, filled holes, serum, and various medications." My mother sat in a chair beside me and I said to her, "I'm sorry but use something because I need to die, I can not take it anymore." And my mother said she would not apply anything, because I would have taken it all, "he remembers.

"To relieve pain, they started to give me morphine for a while, it was a very hallucination for me and the doctor asked to stop it," he says.

Layane has undergone MRI, which noted that there are 500 milliliters of pus in the spine that compresses three vertebrae. He has to undergo an emergency surgery to remove the fluid.

Responsible for the operation of a young woman, neurosurgeon Oswaldo Ribeiro Marquez explains that although it is rare, it is possible that the piercing leaves a person paraplegic. "This situation may happen when some complication occurs due to punctures," says an expert who says he has never seen a similar situation since he started his medical career 15 years ago.

According to a doctor, complications with piercing occur when an object opens the way to infections. "Spread of any skin infection is usually hematogenic – when it is transmitted through the bloodstream, for example, if the bacteria are at the tip of the nose, it can develop, raise the entire nose, fall into the bloodstream and stop at another corner of the body," he explained.

"The patient has done a skin treatment that has caused an infection that can spread the bacteria into the bloodstream." Because she had no prior spinal infection, it was very likely she was caused by the bacteria that was in her blood.

Marquez estimates that it is "very likely and plausible" that Layane was paraplegic due to puncture. However, it is emphasized that only genetic studies can guarantee that the paraplegia of a young woman is motivated solely by the complications resulting from the insertion of the object into the nose.

"I hope she cares more about customers"

Layane's operation was aimed at removing pus which pushed the spinal cord of a young woman. "This has prevented the progression of paraplegia, which could increase," Marquez said. "Pig can cause an infection that can even lead to death." When the fluid was withdrawn, the bone marrow was decompressed and prevented the patient from getting worse.

"The procedure was successful and I went back to the intensive care unit and it was all quiet, I did not feel it as an unbearable pain," says Layane.

The student says that after the surgery she learned about the causes of the health problems that affected her. "The doctor who accompanied me from the beginning explained to me how the bacteria had appeared and how it could have affected the piercing, all because of a bad piercing, and that was why he was bleeding when I was piercing, and the other factor he was complicated was bad hygiene of the subject, "he says.

The student does not plan to take any action against a professional worker responsible for piercing. "I decided we would not talk about it because it will not do me again, I hope my condition will be more about the health of my clients," says a young woman who reveals a piercing with the same professional before. "Not before, I had no problem."

Life on a wheelchair

For two months, Layane has been hospitalized to recover. At the hospital, I learned that the possibility of walking again is uncertain. "Two days after surgery, the doctor told me I would continue without feeling my feet," he says. Today he is involved in psychology and physiotherapy.

The discovery that she would stay on a wheelchair was one of the most difficult moments for a young woman. "I was destroyed, at first it was a very sad situation," he says.

For Marquez it is possible for Layane to continue moving his legs. However, according to a neurosurgeon, it is still premature to carry out the evaluation. "Medicine has advanced in this aspect, and there are studies that point to this option, so we can not deny that foot movements are restored just as we can not guarantee," he says.

In spite of the initial shock, Layane learned how to deal with the current phase of life. "I met other young men and women, and I saw that I can be so happy, today I practice and even play basketball and handball," he says.

In September she returned home to live with her mother and grandmother. "My life became quite different, but I was happy because I was no longer in the hospital, I was able to see all the friends who could not go to the hospital, I had a lot of visits and it was very good."

One of the most important moments for a young woman in a new phase of life was the anniversary in November. "I started organizing a party, but two days ago I almost surrendered because I thought I would not feel good at the celebration," she remembers.

"This party was very important to me, and after I almost surrendered, I decided to celebrate after all, at the time when I was able to feel beautiful for the first time after all that had happened, I returned to myself It was a very happy day. "

In January, Layane released his story about his Instagram profile. "It was the first time I'd said openly that the piercing was paraplegic," he says. She has published photos she has taken since the date she placed the object.

"I recorded everything because my mother sent those grandmothers," he explains. Publishing virally viralized and in a few days gained more than 20 thousand followers. "Many people are afraid of my story and come to me to provide solidarity."

She emphasizes that she does not want her story to discourage people who want to wear a piercing. "What I want is to be more careful, people need to know where they will be, and experts need to be very careful and very careful about the hygiene of the articles," he says.

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