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Ibovespa rises 4% in the week and exceeds new, more than 99,000 points; dollar drops by 1.30%

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São Paulo – After restoring his historic historic high to 99,393 points in the morning, Ibovespa lost some strength and passed Friday trading sessions (15) around 99,000 signs. Meanwhile, the dollar intensified late in the morning after the auction result at the airport, which raised $ 2.4 billion.

As a result, the index closed by 0.54% to 99,136 points and increased by 3.96% in the week. The financial volume was $ 17.877 billion. Meanwhile, the commercial dollar fell by 0.71%, while selling by $ 3.8200, down 1.30% a week. The future dollar maturing in April had losses of 0.69%, at R $ 3.819.

The US currency opened up to $ 3.87, which was reflected in weak US economic data. However, it was with the auction of airports that the currency really settled in the negative field.

The auction for the privatization of 12 airports exceeded the government's $ 2.1 billion concession, which is $ 2.377 billion. The terminals are located in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest regions and together they receive 19.6 million passengers per year, equivalent to 9.5% of the national aviation market.

The planned investment for these three blocks is $ 3.5 billion in 30 years. The average goodwill, the difference between the government-set minimum for the initial payment and the sum of the winning bids, was 986%.

The Spanish group Aena Desarrollo Internacional took over the Northeast block with $ 1.9 billion, while the Swiss Zurich Aiport remained with Southeast and offered $ 437 million, a good value of 830.15%. The Midwestern Bloc, consisting of Cuiabá, Rondonópolis, Sinop and Alta Floresta in Mato Grosso, sold Aeroeste R to $ 40 million, which is a good value of 4,739%.

The market also closely monitors news of the reform of the military care, which can weaken the discourse on tightening the rules for other categories.

Despite the mood of major world markets, investors are cautious about news about pension reform. It is emphasized that the military retirement law proposed by the military, which is currently being reviewed by the Ministry of Economy, would increase spending by $ 10 billion 10 years before it begins to create an economy.

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The army proposed a salary increase, end-of-career bonuses and the creation of another position that would accept the need to work 35 years before retirement and not 30 years. If you get to Congress as it is, it is unlikely that the law will be well received by legislators and the general public.

Attention is still paid to the economic agenda. In Brazil, service volume figures were higher than expected, up 2.1% year-on-year in January, compared to 1.7% expectations, despite a 0.3% decline compared to December. In addition to the IGP-10, which exceeded the 1.22% estimate in March, 1.40% accelerated in March, pulling DIs to a high level even at the start of the business session.

However, the rates of major future interest rates changed and closed between losses and gains, maturing in January 2021 by 1 basis point to 6.97%, while maturing in January 2023 fell by 1 point. to 8.06%.

In the United States, the market is reviving Empire Manufacturing data below expectations while also monitoring the development of industrial output and consumer sentiment as measured by the University of Michigan.

On commodity markets, oil fell to around 1% due to supply and earnings concerns, helping to dampen the momentum of Petrobras.

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Vale and steelmakers had a shy day on the stock market when they stopped at a meeting in which iron ore was traded in Dalian's recorded profits, while Qingdao traded losses.

Among other highlights of the stock exchange, after a surge in fourth-quarter results, Estacio dropped to $ 16.3 million. BR Malls, Ecorodovias, also published their period numbers.

The biggest increase among the Bovespa index was:

Cód.ActiveBaby cot R $Day% YearVol1
BRFS3BRF SA ON22.22+7.08+1.32419.94M
EMBR3EMBRAER ON19.75+5.11-8.90103,14M
ELET3ELETROBRAS ON36.45+ 3.88+50.43129,68M
JBSS3JBS ON14.85+3.13+28.13334,94M
TIMP3TIM PART S / AON12.80+3.06+9.4373.94M

The biggest losses, among the documents that make up the Bovespa index, were:

Cód.ActiveBaby cot R $Day% YearVol1
ESTC3STATION PARTON27.00-2.88+13.64264,38M
ECOR3ECORODOVIAS ON10.06-2.80+7,2538,18M
USIM5USIMINAS PNA10.15-2.78+10.95192,05M
CVCB3CVC BRASIL ON54.23-2.73-11.36155,68M
SMLS3SMILES ON49.55-2.63+13.5989,65M

The most traded stocks, including the Bovespa Index, were:

CodeActiveBaby cot R $Var%Vol1Vol 30d1Neg
PETR4PETROBRAS PN N228.25+0.211.72B1.47B79,320
VALE3VALE ON50.55-0.321.31B1.01B22,821
BBAS3BRAZIL ON EJ54.21+0.86685,75M578.39M20,377
BBDC4BRADESCO PN EJ45.70+0.42635,33M722,30M20,530
PETR3PETROBRAS TO N231.62+1.05535,14M296,10M26,686
ABEV3AMBEV S / A ON16.76+0,60529.85M378.73M33,515
B3SA3B3 ON33.87+2.08472,89M313,30M23,062
BRFS3BRF SA ON22.22+7.08419.94M150,60M37,979
JBSS3JBS ON14.85+3.13334,94M122,96M31,096

* – Lots of thousands of shares
1 – In Reais (TO – Thousands M – Millions B – billion

World communities
Asian markets closed above, as the region's feelings improved after news of progress in trade negotiations between the United States and China. Investors also followed the decision of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) on monetary policy and parliamentary approval in the UK to postpone Brexit.

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According to official Xinhua news agency, Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu spoke by telephone with US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and US agent Robert Lighthizer and both sides. significant progress in trade negotiations.

Mr Mnuchin also said that a summit meeting to conclude a trade agreement between US presidents Donald Trump and Chinese Xi Jinping should not happen this month, as previously thought.

Asian markets also gained profits after the government in Beijing said it could reduce value added tax, which would support the expectation of a possible recovery in the world's second-largest economy.

Political news

On the political radar, attention was paid to the live film Bolsonaro filmed on Facebook last night. President Jair Bolsonaro commented on his trip to the United States next Sunday and said he wanted to get closer to the country, but pointed out that China is Brazil's main trading partner.

Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo said the visit to the United States would mean "restoring natural partnership". "Unfortunately, this partnership has recently been neglected. Every partnership seemed to be good until it entered the US," Araujo said.

The minister said the partnership "may be necessary again." "Of course, without excluding our other partnerships," he said. Araújo also briefly quoted Venezuela. The minister said that the situation in the neighboring country would also be the subject of a meeting with the US government.

In this second broadcast live on Facebook because he became president, Bolsonaro ignored pension reform. The proposal was not mentioned in about 17 minutes of life.

Speaking of social security, as Estadão says, the northeastern states defend the need for reform, but criticize the design points as capitalization and BPC R $ 400.

Attention was drawn to the STF, where Operation Lava Jato suffered a defeat after the Court of Justice ruled that crimes such as corruption and money laundering would be dealt with by the electoral court and not by the Federal Court if they were linked to electoral cases, two campaigns .

(Agência Estado, Agência Brasil and Bloomberg)

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