In nine days, civilian defense records 106 incidents in BiH; Most associated with rain – in general

This Friday,
This Friday the tree fell and destroyed a part of the land protection on Cassipor Street, Bairro Anchieta (photo by Paulo Galvo / EM / D.A PRESS)

The high rainfall in November this year has resulted in losses for Belo Horizonte residents. This Friday registered in the capital city of the City of Defense and Civil Defense (Supdec) 106 occurrences, including falling trees, landslides, cracking, cracking, infiltration,

According to the authority, most of the cases are concentrated in the Mid-South (29) and West (22). Two regional ones were those who received the most rainfall this Friday: 120.2 and 109.8 millimeters at 12.50 this Friday.

The most common events are cracks, infiltrations and cracks: only 27 of them. In addition, 10 trees in the city, according to civil defense.

Also this Friday, the agency issued a warning about geological risk in the city due to heavy rain. For this reason, civil defense points to landslides.

In this situation, it is advisable to: use gutters in residences; repair of leaks in water tanks and tanks; avoid waste accumulation and drainage on slopes; does not burn; and cut trees licensed by the Municipal Environmental Secretariat (SMMA).

It is expected that the rainy season will remain in Minas Gerais until late Saturday afternoon (10), according to the National Meteorological Institute (INMET).

Cumulative rain in November (in millimeters): by region, at 12:50 on Friday (9):

Barreiro 67.0 – 28%

South Center – 120.2 – 50%

Leste – 72.4 – 30%

Northeast – 75.4 – 31%

Northwest – 97.2 – 41%

North – 68.8 – 29%

West – 109.8 – 46%

Pampulha – 71.2-30%

For Sale New – 81.4 – 34%

Climatological average for MS: 239.8 mm (Source: INMET, 1981-2010)

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