Internacional x Atlético-MG – Colorado attempts to respond in the final session

After defeating the last round, Inter was distant from the title and threatened by close opponents

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Porto Alegre, RS, 20 (AFI) – Defeat in the final round International away from the dream dream of the final Championship of Brazil, but with other teams on the track, Colorado still needs to respond. The Gaucho team will face Atlético-MG on Wednesday at 7:30 at the Beira-Rio stadium in Porto Alegre, RS.

Colorado stopped at 65 points and dropped to third, only three before Gremio, who will soon follow. Atletico-MG continues the fight for Libertadores and occupies the sixth place with 53 points.

The Odaira Hellmanna team was also embroiled in the extra-time game, with a red card for Wellington Silva striker and Rodrigo Moledo. Both are the main embezzlement for the game.

Even though he was not a starter, Wellington Silva is one of the players most often used by Odair as a source to increase peak speed. He played the last seven games, left his reserve six times and started the game between the main team. Despite the loss of an important part of 11 T-shirts, it does not require the coach to move the formation, keeping up with D'Alessandro, Nico Lopez and Leandro Damião.

Rodrigo Moledo will have some pain for Inter coach. The defender received a second yellow card after he seriously complained of an unmarked penalty and set off referee Rafael Traci – probably going to pick up the hanging hook. Without a defender, Odair has to bet Emerson Santos, who has not played 1-1 with Ceara since the 33rd round.

But the changes do not have to stop there. The left back Iago has fallen from the proceeds and was much criticized by the fan, but the coach only has the option of Uendel. Patrick also does not like it and may lose the position of Camila, who soon asked for more space. Another concern is that Odaira is hanging with Rodrigo Dourad, Edensson and Nico Lopez, after confronting the Atletico-MG, only two games were missing.

The coach left Belo Horizonte with a practically defined formation. With Emerson's return to finish the suspension in the final round, Patric should be moved to the left, while Matheus Galdezani should create a bookmark along Adilson, Luan, Cazares and Chary.

"No matter if they lose home, we will fight for victory until the end of the game, let's play the way we played, of course each game has a strategy, but we will stick to our gaming standard to get out with a positive result, "Emerson said.

Technical Specifications


Beira Rio – Porto Alegre (RS)


Raphael Claus – SP


Danilo Ricardo Simon and Rogerio Pablos Zanardo – SP


Marcelo Lomba;
Fabiano, Emerson Santos, Victor Cuesta and Iago;
Rodrigo Dourado, Edenielson, Patrick, Nico Lopez and Donald Alessandro;
Leandro Damião.

Technician: Odail Helmann


Emerson, Leonardo Silva, Iago Maidana and Patric;
Adilson, Matheus Galdezani, Luan, Cazares and Chara;
Ricardo Oliveira.

Technician: Levir Culpi

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